Academy34 v0.19.3.4 Public + Việt Hoá

Academy34 + Việt Hoá

Academy34 v0.19.3.4 Public + Việt Hoá free download at

In “ACADEMY34” you are going to take on the role of a cadet, who has just enrolled at the Academy, where young recruits are trained to become Overwatch agents. An exciting student life awaits you with all familiar characters, original story, lots of side quests and tons of adult content!​

Academy34 + Việt Hoá
Academy34 + Việt Hoá

Academy34 DETAILS

  • – RELEASE DATE: 2024-02-23
  • – DEVELOPER: Young & Naughty
  • – TRANSLATOR: gvnvh18
  • – VERSION: v0.19.3.4 Public / v0.12.1.3
  • – LANGUAGE: English, Việt Hóa
  • – OS: Windows, Android
  • – GENRE: 2DCG, Male protagonist, MILF, Group sex, BDSM, Spanking, Anal sex, Sex toys, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Parody, School setting, Voyeurism, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Mobile game, Lesbian, Female domination
Academy34 + Việt Hoá
Academy34 + Việt Hoá
Academy34 + Việt Hoá
Academy34 + Việt Hoá


v0.19.3.4 Public


Our first Animation Pack and the biggest leap we ever made in quality of this game. While this update is smaller than many of our other releases, it’s only the first step towards bringing our scenes into motion. You can find more info in the original update post!

Yun animations are included with latest Clussy Yun Skin Update!
v0.19.2.2 Public

Ah, Winter Holidays…

The time of magic, the time of miracles and cute little presents. It’s the time when we all can get that small little bit of happiness to get us going, especially nowadays, with the world seemingly losing its mind and plunging into neverending chaos. We know full well how tough it might be, when you barely scraping remaining bits of your sanity just to get whatever task you have done. It’s never easy, but it doesn’t have to be this hard.

We all need a little rest, to breath out and relax. To let ourselves indulge in whatever things bring us joy.

Consider this to be our Christmas Present to You, the best community we could have ever wished for, and let it be an entryway into the best holiday seasons you ever had!

Your favorite meteorologist, Yun, is back with so, so many new scenes — four in total! After many months of being teased with those thirsty dialogue options that lead nowhere, you can finally use every single one of them, with each leading to a unique scenario. And don’t worry, you can try all of them, as well as get a pleasant surprise for being so bold as to ask her out directly. After finishing Yun’s route, just talk to her in the Academy corridor and pick whichever option you find the most appealing.
v0.19.X.X Public

And as a cherry on top — you get to cuck Chris. This time for real.

— Added an option to skip time and to end the day by clicking on the energy bar. No need to run back to your room anymore!
— Added a new button into the settings menu, that will instantly unlock the entire gallery.
— Fixed numerous bugs and typos.
— Improved, but not yet perfected backwards save compatibility. In some instances you might still get locked of progressing story if you are using an older save. We will continue working on it, but in a meantime we strongly recommend not using saves from before Reina’s update.

Reina, Finale

Zahera Intro

DVa, Part 5 — Public Release


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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