Star Knightess Aura v0.44.0 Android Port

Star Knightess Aura Android Port

Star Knightess Aura v0.44.0 Android Port free download at

Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down.

But her enemies don’t just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King’s curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?

Star Knightess Aura is an RPG with nsfw erotic content, made with RPG Maker MZ. The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.​

Star Knightess Aura Android Port
Star Knightess Aura Android Port

Star Knightess Aura DETAILS

  • Thread Updated: 2024-02-23
  • DEVELOPER: aura-dev
  • VERSION: v0.44.0
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • GENRE: 2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Big Tits, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, NTR, Turn-Based Combat, RPG, Paranormal, Mind Control, Corruption, Drugs, Sexual Harassment, Cheating, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Monster, Multiple Protagonists, School Setting, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Transformation
Star Knightess Aura Android Port
Star Knightess Aura Android Port
Star Knightess Aura Android Port
Star Knightess Aura Android Port

Star Knightess Aura FREE DOWNLOAD


  • Added Lewd Streaming 7 Part 2 H-CGs
  • Added Lewd Streaming 7 Part 1 H-CGs
  • Added Tutored By Richard Slutty Bikini H-CG variations
  • Added Sex With Richard Slutty Bikini H-CG variations
  • Added Rose Breast Enlargement Character Artwork
  • Added pixel art uniform for Aura and Rose walking chars
  • Added pixel art Luciela Walking Char
  • Added mental change Ideal Partner Question
  • Added mental change Question Submission
  • Added lewd scene Cheerleading Game 4
  • Added scene Lunchbreak 10
  • Added scene Patricia Rebelling 1
  • Added scene George and Veronica 7
  • Added scene Fighting Over Richard 1
  • Added scene Fighting Over Richard 2
  • Added scene Fighting Over Richard 3
  • Added scene Fighting Over Richard 4
  • Added lewd scene Fighting Over Richard 5
  • Added lewd scene Fighting Over Richard 6
  • Added lewd scene Fighting Over Richard 7
  • Added lewd scene Lady Charlotte 2
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented recruiting Black Priestess
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented recruiting adventurer twins
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented recruiting slave trader merchant
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented recruiting Fleura
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented recruiting Courtesan Queen
  • Demon-cracy: Added tracking variable for number of recruited cultists
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented electioneering event Opening a Path
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented electioneering event Helping the Accused
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented electioneering event Special Waitressing
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented James event
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented Shadow contact
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented Black Priestess corruption mission
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented merchant corruption mission
  • Demon-cracy: Implemented Courtesan Queen corruption mission
  • Demon-cracy: Removed hard references to player being intermediate rank
  • Demon-cracy: Implement Fleura corruption mission
  • Added interaction stub to Liliana
  • Modified Demon-cracy courier scene and quest description
  • Improved courier event in demon-crazy
  • Activated Demon-cracy after defeating Beelzebub in Winterfall
  • Added extra line to courier dialogue if player sold Blue Sugar+ formula to underground drug dealer
  • Add visual and sound effects to Demon-cracy scenes
  • Clarified Liliana support updates
  • Improved positioning of shadow minion and Aura in cutscene when entering Nephlune from the Roya map
  • Added clarity to missed support increase messages
  • Removed Nothing But The Truth evidence from players who have completed the quest
  • Implemented separate item categories for evidence and recruitment prospects
  • Added passive True Nature: Submissive Hero
  • Added passive Consuming Desire
  • Added passive Chest Bloom II
  • Added passive Sexual Frustration
  • Implemented on-the-fly thumbnail rendering of Locations
  • Updated George walking char clothing color
  • Replaced static Library Club members with dynamically progressing chars
  • Changed George for Richard in compatibility flame
  • Updated Richard rating tag for Chapter 3
  • Registered brothel job in Masturbating Is Not Enough menu
  • Added animated pixel tv shows for TV
  • Improved chaining of leadup dialogue into actual lewd check in Trademond guards
  • Chained reporting bounty hunt to Julian to asking about demon worshippers
  • Decrease max mental changes to 151


  • Removed corruption gain from Underground Pub Job
  • Merged Knowlegde Drain Mental Changes from 2 actions into 1 action


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed Rose appearing in Lunchbreak 10
  • Fixed using recruitment prospect for black priestess not doing anything
  • Fixed Aura portrait not appearing during Fighting Over Richard line
  • Demon-cracy: Fixed Aura portrait not disappearing after hiring Alexis with gold
  • Fixed Fleura not being recruitable under some circumstances
  • Fixed slave trader merchant options all being locked when out of willpower
  • Fixed slaver trader merchant appearing in underground city before recruiting her
  • Demon-cracy: Fix slave merchant not calling onViceAction
  • Fixed visual glitches
  • Fixed incorrect Aura battler
  • Fixed Belphegor summoning any fragments on NG+
  • Fixed negative person quantifiers affecting checks of books and similar by adding a self tag to related checks
  • Fixed missing brackets in Aura thoughts
  • Demon-cracy: Fixed lingering standing images
  • Fixed Fleura not giving recruitment option if player has not learned Pierce I
  • Fixed Demon-cracy NPCs erroneously being present in John celebration event
  • Fixed recruiting Alexis with Seductive Stance calling wrong common event for recruitment check
  • Fixed broken thumbnail positions of locations
  • Fixed bunny ears remaining visible when using SK on obstacles
  • Fixed Black Priestess giving the wrong increase value for Blessed Water on Nightmare
  • Fixed Being Lazy 1 incorrectly activating crystal for event 2

0.40.0 (23.02.2024):

  • Added Maid Training 4 H-CGs
  • Added Gyaru Laura Character Artwork
  • Added lewd scene Hallway Bullying 6
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 3
  • Added lewd scene Paulina Training 4
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 1
  • Added scene Laura Rebirth 2
  • Added scene Hallway Bullying 7
  • Added scene Sexual Harrassment 3
  • Added map Maid Academy Upper Floor
  • Added map Richard Domain 2 – Wrath
  • Added boss battle Demon General Asmodeus
  • Added boss Sathanas reencounter
  • Implemented sneak mini puzzle Maid Academy North Wing
  • Implemented Maid Academy Graduation
  • Improved Magic Academy teachers to only enable options the player can select
  • Added minor text extensions to Paulina Training 3 and 4
  • Implemented generic logic to handle updating active enhance or stance skills when learning the next rank
  • Changed stance and enhance skills activate from the list like autospells without requiring actor selection
  • Handle case of killing Sathanas before meeting him at Draknor Fortress
  • Implemented gaining more Magic Thread after initial graduation
  • Updated Paulina location after Paulina submission
  • Updated Hermann wedding based on Paulina submission
  • Updated Reverse Summoning Ritual based on Paulina submission
  • Updated Paulina Adventurer Guild world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Albrecht Speech world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Hermann Marriage world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Reverse Summoning Ritual world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Updated Paulina Hunting a Demon King world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
  • Handled case of ending patronage when Paulina returned to being Paul
  • Added obstacle in Maid Academy to enter Upper Floor from Hidden Room
  • Turned Library 1 Schrödinger’s Cat punishment joke into bullying foreshadowing
  • Added special clear state for recollection room crystals indicating that they have been done in the current playthrough
  • Removed page up and page down buttons in save menu when using a mobile device
  • Increased max killed bosses to 112


  • Added perk to destroy minor obstacles with Rampage II to at >= 60 ATK
  • Reduced obstacle level for greed chests to 25
  • Added Infamy to Paulina corruption decisions
  • Added HP cost to Break Bondage skill and make Libidas give MDEF, DEF buffs as well as HP regen
  • Gave Lilim+ Tenacity I and have Overpollination give Resistance to Light like Obscurum
  • Reduced Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +4 and Blessed Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +6
  • Added +2 ATK to Draconic Scales
  • Increased HEAL RATE reduction from POISON from 50% to 75%
  • Limited Workshop cost increase on Hard+ to Enhancements
  • Reduced MATK boost from CONCENTRATION to 75%


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed variant drugs not being usable in John Rising
  • Fixed status scene causing a stack overflow with multiple party members
  • Fixed z-ordering issues from * tile and event character interactions
  • Fixed save menu showing variable IDs instead of values for stats
  • Fixed game crash when ExtraWindows plugin is turned off
  • Fixed Passion getting Exhausted instead of Animated Robe in troop 447
  • Fixed skill text in compendium being able to overlap traits
  • Fixed John Rising incense lure not removing drugs
  • Fixed viewed scene script lines being in the wrong part of their events
  • Fixed battle crash when pressing left on skill list
  • Fixed blue crystal appearing instead of white under some circumstances in recollection rooms
  • Fixed Lewd Streaming 3 having incorrect variable assignments in recollection room
  • Fixed Roland forced quests not leading to lewd scene afterwards
  • Fixed infinite lewd scene loop in some circumstances
  • Fixed Paulina still being interactable in adventurer guild when invisible
  • Fixed duplicate Letter of Recommendation if killing Asmodeus after graduating maid academy
  • Fixed missing speaker portraits in intro
  • Fixed Jelly Jam not restocking at Verdeaux merchant
  • Fixed detection check in Trademond Congregation
  • Fixed Aura portrait remaining after Nothing But The Truth evidence check
  • Fixed Bondage Fibers remaining after Asmodeus fight
  • Fixed remaining minor missing Paulina dialogue variations in Reverse Summoning Ritual

0.35.0 (29.09.2023)

  • Added Cheating on George 3 H-CGs
  • Added Rose Seduced by Richard Gyaru Cheerleader H-CG variations
  • Added elemental Slime character art
  • Added Roland 5 H-CGs
  • Added scene Cheating On George 1
  • Added scene Cheating On George 2
  • Added scene Cheating On George 3
  • Added scene Lewd Streaming 3
  • Added mental change remove Guardian George
  • Added mental changes for Richard Disposition Switch
  • Added mental change remove self acknowledgement 2 happiness
  • Added map Karaoke room in Night Club
  • Added map Heavenly Path 2
  • Added maps Secret Lair and Hidden Room
  • Added scene Meeting Goddess At First Divine Gate
  • Added second Misfortune boss battle
  • Added boss fight Lysander
  • Added Richard Bond passive skill
  • Added Rose Bond passive skill
  • Added George Bond passive skill
  • Added Alicia Bond passive skill
  • Added quest “Poisoned Elixirs”
  • Added quest “Something is Fishy”
  • Added BGM Corruption
  • Improved stat formatting for DEF book
  • Implemented plugin for event skill selection window analog to event item selection
  • Employing new costume bless menu for White Priestess
  • Moved standing image to right side for Maleficum in Low-Demon Domain in Eastern Forest
  • Moved standing image to right side for star metal at Draknor Fortress Cave
  • Improved poison damage layout in Eastern Forest Demon Domain
  • Increased number of birds in Hermit map
  • Added sound effect when performing a craft action
  • Improved animation for slime by playing current element animation when summoning
  • Updated Rose sprite in mental world after outfit change
  • Removed George from relationships after Cheating on George 3
  • Improved teleporters between Darknor Floor 1 and Floor 2
  • Moved standing portrait for underwater plant in Nephlune Vault to the right side
  • Moved error reporting plugin into first plugin position
  • Improved error logging by hard coding error logging into the rpgmaker main file
  • Increased max killed bosses to 104
  • Increased max vice to 24
  • Increased max mental changes to 133


  • Increased duration of tactical advantage gain from Shadowcloak II to last for 2 turns
  • Increased value of plating materials to 3x the base value + 10%


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed character graphics not matching costume
  • Fixed position of standing image when interacting with corpse in forest of runes
  • Fixed formatting of gold at northern forest of runes skeleton
  • Fixed position of standing image when interacting with rope in refugee camp caves
  • Fixed incorrrect priority of cave-in investigation point in northern mines
  • Fixed missing reset for standing image side variable after meeting with adventurers for preparing for festival day
  • Fixed various minor formatting errors
  • Fixed color formatting for gold loot in southern forest of runes
  • Fixed color formatting for gold loot in various maps
  • Fixed missing minimum gold check for bribing guard in Papertrail quest
  • Fixed color formatting for gold loot in southern forest of runes
  • Fixed RuinedChurch map and tilesets
  • Fixed Slime portrait inconsistency
  • Fixed shadow mapping issue in Eastern Forest of Runes Cave
  • Fixed passability of two-tile plants in Eastern Forest of Runes
  • Fixed passability issue in Northern Mountains Cave
  • Fixed incorrect cancel handling in advanced techniques of nephlune spellshop
  • Fixed bless sound effect not being deployed
  • Fixed incorrect standing image side for vines at beginning of northern mountains
  • Fixed Bless Item skill using Gold cost instead of MP cost
  • Fixed passability issue in Draknor Fortress
  • Fixed Tofana’s Third Theorem option being available at Elixir Alchemist after distracting Roland
  • Fixed work report option being locked out when lewdness exceeds check value
  • Fixed cursed message repeatedly appearing in Underwater map when at 0 Air
  • Fixed reviving underwater at 0 air after battle but not reviving after ascending
  • Fixed incorrect blend mode for draknor fortress smoke when leaving Mira’s barrier
  • Fixed shake effect from temporary switch when entering some domains like Lilim’s after destroying another domain
  • Fixed crash when loading a save at the abandoned shrine lewd choice
  • Fixed corruption gain after having sex with Richard
  • Fixed incorrect teleport point for Elixir Alchemist
  • Fixed Elixir Alchemist incorrect cancel behavior
  • Fixed issues in Cheating on George 3
  • Fixed remaining queued move events in Hooking Up Elizabeth 4
  • Fixed Nasty Oil Coating listed as craftable after Nasty Oil Coating+ becomes available
  • Fixed Verdeaux passability bug at Knight Barracks

v0.32.0 Pr 4:

  • Added map Winterfall Church Interior
  • Added map Winterfall Congregation Interior
  • Added map Winterfall Inn
  • Added winterfall caves encounters and loot
  • Changed prostitute hairstyle to Open hair style
  • Added sample prisoners to save
  • Implemented option to poison demon worshipper food
  • Added curse Tongue of Envy
  • Appied improvements to Roland belt position in CGs
  • Increased max killed bosses to 92
  • Added Prostitute costume
  • Added mental change “Corrupt First Sex With George Memory”
  • Added scene “Unsexy Times With George 3”
  • Added scene “Aura Streaming 2”
  • Applied skill list skin from the Skills menu to the NG+ skill selection menu
  • Removed animation wait delay in AoE attacks
  • Added Loveley Degredation lewd soundtrack
  • Increased max mental changes to 125
  • Added scene Night Club 4
  • Added quest stub “City of Envy and Gluttony”
  • Added map Winterfall City
  • Added map Winterfall Caves
  • Added curse Stomach of Gluttony
  • Added boss Demonic Knightess of Envy
  • Improved battle flow
  • Increased max killed bosses to 90
  • Added mental change “Reduce Sexual Compatibility George 1”
  • Added mental change “Reduce Sexual Compatibility George 2”
  • Added scene “Tutored By Richard 2”
  • Added scene “Tutored By Richard 3”
  • Added scene “Attending Classes 4”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richards Ring 1”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richard’s Ring 2”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richard’s Ring 3”
  • Added scene “Wearing Richard’s Ring 4”
  • Added scene “Unsexy Times With George 1”
  • Added scene “Unsexy Times With George 2”
  • Increased max mental changes to 124


  • Increased price of Emerald Leaf to 135 Gold
  • Increased gold loot for Winterfall corpses
  • Changed Blessed Water to increase in Value instead of Price
  • Give POISON ability to negate 50% healing
  • Increased HP of Dragon Firestorm to 12000
  • Increased POISON duration for Poison Coating to 4
  • Increased POISON duration for Blessed Poison Coating to 6


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed 4-line willpower tutorial message
  • Fixed Fulfillment+ having same effect as Fulfillment
  • Fixed incorrect interests book check in Estrangement Drain
  • Fixed Duel state not reapplying with using Remove Collar in Intermediate Adventurer duel
  • Fixed Slime Summoner not having boss collapse effect
  • Fixed typo in Sick Workers quest objective
  • Fixed typos in prerelease content
  • Fixed crash when using multi attacks
  • Fixed Night Club 4 not getting unlocked in Recollection Room
  • Fixed George standing image not disappearing after he goes home in Unsexy Times with George 2
  • Fixed typos in prerelease content
  • Fixed corpse glitch
  • Fixed wrongful chase trigger in Winterfall
  • Fixed George standing image glitch in Night Club 4
  • Fixed missplaced lower rope event
  • Fixed resists not working against states of the same category
  • Fixed water passability in Winterfall caves
  • Fixed Rose character sprite in scenes not changing to gyaru sprite
  • Fixed missing adult options read in Unsexy Times With George

0.30.2 (12.05.2023)

  • Added message for party exp increase in workshop


  • Set Alchemist discount minimum lewdness to 1
  • Decreased delay between Going Home With Alicia 3 and 4 from 6 to 4 days
  • Reduced Eyes of Greed (Incomplete) willpower reduction to 1%
  • Reduced value of Gourmet Meat to 800 Gold
  • Decreased price of Riverflow Workshop to 300 Gold


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed unneeded timeslot skip in Shopping In Mall 4
  • Fixed cheerleader infiltration sequence break
  • Fixed extra masturbation point in fingeredByDollAura scene
  • Fixed missing Blessed tag on blessed coatings and drugs
  • Fixed unavailable shop goods
  • Fixed passability issue in Mount Firestorm
  • Fixed incorrect level for unlocking Antidote in workshop list
  • Fixed counter flag on table in Arwin’s house tileset

0.30.1 (05.05.2023)

  • Added +1 EXP/day for party members at workshop levels 5 and 10
  • Added additional flavor lines for John learning spells
  • Unlocked Verdeaux after defeating toll bandits


  • Iterated learning requirements for magic academy spells
  • Increased duration of Tailwind II to 8 turns
  • Removed duration increase from Stone Mind II


  • Fixed missing freckles on Rose character image
  • Fixed broken difficulty check in bandit shed
  • Fixed incorrect difficulty check on Trademond apple merchant
  • Fixed incorrect score multipliers
  • Fixed incorrect tag in Seductive Stance I hint
  • Fixed missing rank in Seductive Stance II learning choice
  • Added tag for lewd skills and exclude them from John Rising skill learning
  • Fixed Pacify II and Bless II having score costs

Each ingame day is structured into 3 parts.

The player controls Aura and can explore the world of Roya to track down and kill the Demon King. In order to become stronger, acquire funds, and advance her search, she can rely on her own powers or ask people for help. However, not everybody means well with Aura. Performing lewd acts and compromising on Aura’s ideals by allowing innocents to suffer causes Aura to gain corruption.

The player controls Alicia, who uses Aura’s corruption to change her psyche. This includes changing her interests, increasing her interest in fashion, changing her appearance (including hair style/color changes), changing her values (making Aura more selfish), and ultimately changing her sexual desire and love interests.

The player watches cutscenes displaying Aura’s real self changing over time due to mental corruption. The cutscenes are told from varying character perspectives (Aura, her best friend Rose, her boyfriend George, and so on).

You have RPGM MZ and think some objects could use some flavor texts? Or maybe existing dialogue could use some more reactivity to the mental changes? It’s possible to contribute to the project using GitLab!


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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