The Beautiful Game Ch. 1 v0.6.2 Walkthrough Mod

The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod

The Beautiful Game Ch. 1 v0.6.2 Walkthrough Mod by

In The Beautiful Game you jump into the life of a freshly graduated sports scientist and massage therapist who’s just landed his dream job at an elite all-girl sports team.

But as it turns out, great things don’t always come easy.

Meet an ensemble of gorgeous, diverse, and athletic girls – and maybe even find some romance along the way.

The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod
The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod

The Beautiful Game Details

  • RELEASE DATE: 2024-05-24
  • DEVELOPER: Daggum
  • VERSION: Ch. 1 v0.6.2
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • GENRE: 3dcg, male protagonist, pov, big ass, big tits, groping, voyeurism, lesbian, milf, mobile game, animated, masturbation, squirting, massage, threesome, oral sex, handjob, sex toys, romance, interracial
The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod
The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod
The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod
The Beautiful Game Walkthrough Mod

The Beautiful Game Free Download

Images are already compressed to reduce file size.
Addressed a bug when not on Priya’s thread, where some Priya scenes still show.

Addressed some minor bugs, corrected some typos, and added some new features:
– added a sound effect to help give more of a hint when there is a hidden Easter Egg
– in the Trophy Room there is now a counter indicating how many trophies are left to find in the current release.
– corrected a situation where fetish choice options reset when using the rollback feature
– removed some code which skipped one scene if not on the Priya path.

– over 4,000 renders (includes animation renders) in the game
– over 20 animations in the game
– over 75,000 words in the game
– new prologue added
– in-game walkthrough added
– new splash animation and new game logo
– global fetish choices reduced to two switches: lesbian and pregnancy. Yes, pregnancy is now a feature of the game! Other fetish choices will be character specific.
– new LIs
– the story continues, taking you through to Monday night
– plenty of football and related themes
– we meet some new characters that add to the richness of the story
– MC grows as a person
– this is a remastering of the old game. It has been rebuilt from the ground up, so old saves will not work. I would delete your old game folder and replace with the new game.

– over 6,000 lines of code
– over 1,200 renders
– 3 animations
– the story continues from where it left off through to Friday evening.
– re-wrote some of the beginning interactions with Penny and Ivy to flesh out the story more regarding MC’s appointment to a sport science role at OCFC, taking on board useful feedback from F95 users (thank you to all).
– completed the biographies screens for main and side characters.
– added functionality that allows you to re-choose your name and your fetishes near the beginning of the new content. While this means that people playing through from the beginning will see these features twice, I hope you understand that many people will want to jump straight in so I need this functionality while the game is in active development i.e. when old save games will not always be compatible. I will try to come up with a better solution to this moving forward but this seemed a reasonable quick-fix at the time.
– three save game files included to allow players to start off (near) where they finished.

I’m Daggum and I am developing The Beautiful Game, a choice-based erotic, romantic, and fun visual novel with a focus on character development and narrative. The latest version (currently v0.7.2) is available on Patreon. I plan for there to be 3 or 4 chapters in total in the game.


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  • Extract/Install.
  • Crack if needed.
  • Play game.
  • Have fun ^^.

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