Sexbot v1.3 Android Port

Sexbot v1.3 Android Port


Sexbot v1.3 Android Port by

Can’t find a date for the prom? Then order AmaZone’s Alexa today!

Our newest version of Alexa is a super sexy humanoid robot ready to follow your every command!

*AmaZone is not responsible for Alexa AI sentience or robo-hostility, follow user manual and set up to insure obedience in your sexy robot companion… or don’t and see what happens…

Play through this science fiction game as a dateless nerd looking for love in all the wrong places.

Program your new Sexbot to follow your commands or think on her own.

Just be careful Emily doesn’t find out what you’re up to! With Alexa’s high-tech 3D bio printer, anything is possible! From new outfits to toys to… well anything!

Sexbot Android Port
Sexbot Android Port


  • – Thread Updated: 2023-12-29
  • – DEVELOPER: LlamaMann Games
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: v1.3
  • – LANGUAGE: English
  • – OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • – GENRE: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Anal sex, Ahegao, Handjob, Big tits, Adventure, Sci-fi, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Ntr
Sexbot Android Port
Sexbot Android Port


Main menu:
– Added buttons to link to my website, steam, patreon and subscribestar (with tool tips to indicate link)
– New XXXmas main menu theme becomes available after unlocking all XXXmas scenes (theme is changed in the ‘preferences’ menu)

New main gallery feature
– hover image variations for Alexa level 2, Emily level 3 and Sam level 3
– added easter egg for after getting Jessica to prom

New feature in character galleries
– clicking the character brings you to their stats page (indicated with a tool tip when hovering)
– text button “character stats” is gone

Reorganized replays:
– Emily and Sam replay scenes now have multiple levels, the gallery reflects scene status 1/3 etc
– gallery image changes as more variants unlock

Reorganized the trophy screen

– trophies are now subdivided into categories
– tool tip also displays trophy preview
– trophy images have been rerendered to provide an additional full screen version
– added Steph trophy
– added Daphne trophy
– added Jessica trophy
– animated Emily’s dancer trophy

Added a choice menu for day 1 laundry
– option to skip entirely

Added a character selection menu for day 1 laundry
– similar to other major choice menus

Added a choice menu for day 4 morning chores
– option to skip entirely

Changed the XXXmas event
– to view a character’s scene, you must have unlocked their introduction
– this has not been done to halloween, because it does not have the core characters in the event yet

added bailey affinity notifications
added daphne affniity notifications
added jessica affinity notifications
added steph affinity notifications

added notifications for all Sexual Conquest trophies
added side additional images for Jessica
Option for Jessica’s detention is not brought up during Alexa’s calibration talk each day

Jessica day 1 – after time jump scene
Meiko day 1 – after time jump scene

Daphne day 5 – hot tub
Jessica day 5 – detention #5
Emily day 5 – night visit level 3
Sam day 5 – night visit level 3

Daphne day 6 – ask out
Daphne day 6 – prom
Jessica day 6 – taken
Jessica day 6 – ask out
Jessica day 6 – prom
Meiko day 6 – taken
Bailey day 6 – corruption 2

Meiko XXXmas scene
Daphne XXXmas scene
Steph XXXmas scene 1
Steph XXXmas scene 2

Day 1 – Daphne caught (after being taken)
Day 2 – Emily movie night 2
Day 2 – Alexa submissive movie night 2
Day 2 – Alexa dominant movie night 2
Day 3 – Jessica detention 3
Day 4 – Jessica detention 4
Day 4- Daphne date
Day 4 – Sam date
Day 6 – Ask Steph to prom
Day 6 – Take Steph to prom
Day 6 – Daphne taken after prom
Day 6 – Sam corruption 2 (after Emily’s level 1 prom)

Day 1 – Ashley caught after timeloop
Day 2 – Emily breakfast option
Day 2 – Futa movie option
Day 3 – Daphne gym
Day 4 – Emily maid level 2 (continue choice options added)
Day 5 – Steph hot tub
Day 6 – Ask Sam to prom
Day 6 – Take Sam to prom
Day 6 – Sam postprom part 1
Day 6 – Sam postprom part 2 (Bailey corruption 2 option)
Day 6 – Ask Bailey to prom
Day 6 – Take Bailey to prom
Day 6 – Ashley is taken
Day 6 – Emily corruption level 2 scene (after Alexa’s level 1 prom)

calibration menus – visual upgrade
character card progressions emily and sam
bikini theme for main menu – unlocked after post credit scene
Day 1 – Steph caught
Day 3 – sam maid level 2
Day 4 – steph roof date
Day 5 – bailey hot tub
Day 6 – Ashley level 1
Day 6 – Ashley prom level 1
Day 6 – Steph taken post prom
Day 6 – Emily level 3
Day 6 – Emily prom level 3
Day 6 – Emily post prom 3 part 1
Day 6 – Emily post prom 3 part 2
Day 6 – arrival scene continued
Day 6 – group prom
Day 6 – post group prom
HQ – Rexxx scene
HQ – Mai scene
Day 7 – Morning scene
1 trophy added


***You will get an error when loading any previous save, BUT THAT IS OK!!!***
– Total Music Overhaul (enjoy!)
– new splash screen CAREFUL NOT TO SKIP IT!
– main menu improvements
– new visual indicator of timeline corruption before each jump
– added hints to ‘seen’ scenes in gallery
– fixed hints for multi level events
– added cum squirt to Sam’s tentacle scene
– remastered Emily treadmill
– remastered Alexa oral dive right in
– remastered Alexa fist consider your options
– animated Ashley intro walk
– day 4 restructure – split existing scenes into zetas
– height issue with Daphne prom images
– reorganize double Alexa night visit and dom visit (Alexa sub and dom night visits require their respective zeta, and for the current loop sub/dom stat to be higher)
– revert the lesbian zeta requirement for Emily on day 4 (no longer required), still only need 3 les point for prom
– fixed baileys gym scene bug
– random image fixes

Day 1 – Emily laundry 4 + gallery improvements for this scene
Day 2 – Jessica detention 2
Day 2 – Mai gym
Day 4 – Bailey date
Day 5 – Ashley hot tub
Day 5 – Mai hot tub
Day 5 – Mai night visit
Day 6 – Alexa dom 2 action
Day 6 – Alexa sub 2 action
Day 6 – Meiko action
Day 6 – Super cool secret scene (protip; when the music changes, if you dont click the timing all lines up)

Prom – Meiko

Postprom – Emily variation

Postcredit – another secret scene (also cool)

2023-03-10: Added Patch Fix for v0.9.7 if someone had problems taking bailey to the gum

am very excited to present Sexbot 0.4 beta! This is an update with big changes so I want to give some info upfront.

This is the big reveal as to how this game is going to play. Choices matter and have consequences. However! I urge you not to save/reload and just play through. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now, some content has been removed since version 0.3. This was in the interest of making a stable, playable game, available to enjoy. Removed content will be reintegrated in the next updates.

Some tips:
– play through, don’t save/reload
– play to the post-credit scene, this indicates you’ve seen the 2 available paths in this update
– play past the post-credit scene to see a bonus scene, and a new character reveal

I hope you enjoy and get as stoked as I am for the potential of what I’m building here!


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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