NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port


NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port by h-game18.xyz

The protagonist and Artel have had feelings for each other since they were young, but Artel leaves without expressing her feelings in order to join the knight order, which was her dream.
However, for a certain reason, Artel, the childhood friend, returns to the protagonist’s training school as a teacher.

All erotic scenes are created with Live2D animations. Basic animation frames: 57 frames
This is an event exploration game without battles.
In this game, cuckold events will occur randomly. The game will progress and Artel will be cuckolded even if you do not watch the events.

NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port
NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port


  • – RELEASE DATE: 2023-11-19
    Original Title: NTR騎士
  • – DEVELOPER: War Shop
  • – TRANSLATOR: stonefred767
  • – VERSION: 1.0.4
  • – LANGUAGE: English (Fan Translation)
  • – OS: Windows, Android
  • – GENRE: 2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, Censored, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Voiced, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Bdsm, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Dilf, Group sex, Groping, Handjob, Internal view, Male Domination, Masturbation, Netorare, Oral Sex, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Shota, Spanking, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Fantasy, Religion, Romance, Sandbox, Simulator,
NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port
NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port
NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port
NTR Knight v1.0.4 Android Port



Patch Update:

Tải xuống game v1.0.2, tải xuống hai patch v1.0.3 và 1.0.4. Sau khi giải nén v1.0.2, các bạn cài đặt lần lượt v1.0.3 rồi đến v1.0.4 theo đúng thứ tự game sẽ có đủ cảnh.

Compressed with 1.02 + updates 1.03 and 1.04:

– Only animation is added to the main character’s recollections.
– Loop events and animation-only viewing added to recollection

Initial Release


  • Support Gamepad
  • One press to move
  • One long press to speed up
  • Two fingers at the same time to open menu
  • Two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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