My Dorm v0.18.2 P2 Ch.6 + RiamMar’s Mods

My Dorm + RiamMar's Mods

My Dorm v0.18.2 P2 Ch.6 + RiamMar’s Mods by

A man, Mark by default but can be changed, returns home after college to find that his father has fled to the Caribbean with his mistress, after years of embezzling money at his job, leaving his now ex-girlfriend at home without money.

The main character will have to help turn the family home into a college dorm while reconnecting with the people he left behind when he started college in another city.

The game will show how old relationships are renewed, as well as the creation of new ones, with our character deciding which women to start these relationships with.

The current story features 15 girls/women with whom there was a previous relationship; in the following chapters new women will be introduced, both previously known by the character, as well as new relationships to develop.

My Dorm + RiamMar's Mods


  • RELEASE DATE: 2024-06-20
  • DEVELOPER: Tropecita Games
  • VERSION: v0.18.2 P2 Ch.6
  • LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
  • OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • GENRE: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Interracial, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex. Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Humor, PoV, Romance, Twins, Graphical Violence, Mobile Game, Pregnancy (Avoidable), Harem, Titfuck, Light Corruption (Avoidable), Virgin, Sleep Sex (the MC on the receiving end)
My Dorm + RiamMar's Mods
My Dorm + RiamMar's Mods


v.0.18 (Part 2-Chapter 6) (2024-06-01)

Updated the tags (a new one)

21,147 words in English
19,835 words in Spanish
1,601 Dialogue lines
1,266 still renders
27 animations with 3,206 animated frames
4,472 total renders

  • Dinner and a bit of talk about politics
  • Going to the Jazz Corner and meeting someone unexpected
  • Dance and talk with Scarlett
  • Dance and talk with Eva
  • Talk with Kate
  • Dance and talk with Emma
  • Dance and talk with Saira
  • Dance and talk with Debbie (dance only on her path)
  • Dance and talk with Amanda
  • Dance and talk with Lisa (optional if you have low RPs)
  • Dance and talk with Daphne
  • Dance and talk with Kim (optional if you have low RPs and didn’t kiss her on the beach)
  • Farewell. Amanda and Eva advance their story.
  • Saira takes (and gets) action (if on her path) (lewd)
  • Daphne and/or Scarlett’s pregnancy reveals (if on their paths)
  • Meemaw’s massage (lewd only if on her path)
  • Picking up Maddie and talking about pregnancy (talk only on her path) and teaser about the pool party

v.0.17 (Part 3-Chapter5) (2024-04-19)

You can guess it’s a big update. Not the biggest in words, but the biggest, by a huge difference, in renders and animations. 5,700 renders!!! Yes, not one more nor one less.
For the first time, I accomplished a daily average of over 100 renders.
There are also 9 new profile pictures to unlock! Amanda, Eva, Maddie, and Kiara get new pictures!
What happens in the update?
Being so big, obviously a lot of things are there:
Amanda’s Dinner (Part 1).
Eileen and/or Alexia’s pregnancy results (3 somewhat different scenes).
Amanda’s Dinner (Part 2 and ending).
Arrival at Maddie’s place (common scene for all the paths with only a bit of dialogue change and some distinctive renders).
Maddie’s Romance Scene (you can see it through a What If if you are in any of her other paths). (Lewd).
Maddie’s MaleDom Scene (you can see it through a What If if you are in any of her other paths). (Lewd).
Maddie’s FemDom Scene (you can see it through a What If if you are in any of her other paths). (Lewd).
Daphne and/or Scarlett’s tests (including Scarlett’s DNA test).
Betty and Meemaw talk about dreams.
Telling Kiara about Eileen’s pregnancy (if she’s pregnant, obviously).
Amanda’s Lunch.
Erika pregnancy results.
Time alone with Megan (Lewd).
Picking up Eva.

v.0.16.3 (2024-03-25)

Corrected some typos
Fixed a couple of bugs

v.0.16 (Part 2-Chapter4) (2024-03-05)

(Daily production when relevant) – Rank – (Game total/Part 2)

  • 30,083 words in English (700) – 1st – (417,729/105,779)
  • 28,015 words in Spanish (652) – 1st – (389,174/98,883)
  • 2,165 dialogue lines – 1st – (29,651/7,713)
  • 1,686 still images – 2nd – (17,891/6,637)
  • 17 Animations – 7th – (298/88)
  • 2,272 animated frames – 2nd – (17,056/8,631)
  • 3,958 total renders (92) – 3rd – (34,947/15,268)
  • 43 development days – (645/167)
  • 22 new songs/sfx – (/95 for Part 2)
  • Reconverted every image (6,680) in Part 2 with a new converter so the noise produced by the old one was removed.

Table of Contents

  • Martha – Emma’s continuation after the teaser.
  • Taking Meemaw to the doc (pre-open the path).
  • Running with Debbie (open the path).
  • Shooting Lessons and Knowing more about Eva.
  • Lunch with Eva. Introduction to the family.
  • Calling Maddie (three mini-scenes).
  • Conversation with Saira. More about her (final choice about her path).
  • Picking up Megan.
  • Martha’s pregnancy test results (positive and negative scenes).
  • Norah’s pregnancy test results (positive and negative scenes).
  • Picking up Amanda (teaser).

v.0.15 (Part 2-Chapter2) (2024-01-22)

Value (Daily production if I published today) – Position among updates – (Total):

  • 27,222 words in English (664) – 1st – (387,653)
  • 25,613 words in Spanish (625) – 1st – (361,159)
  • 1,863 dialogue lines – 2nd – (27,486)
  • 1,613 still images – 2nd – (16,205)
  • 21 Animations – 6th – (281)
  • 2,874 animated frames – 1st – (14,784)
  • 4,487 total renders (109) – 1st – (30,989)
  • 41 development days – 14th (tied) – (598)

Table of contents
I’ll repeat here the table of contents to have all the information in a single post.

  • Daphne’s Date (or alternative scene)
  • Daphne’s Lewd scene
  • Bring Erika to work
  • Lunch with Eileen
  • Eileen’s lewd scene
  • Lisa goes on a date
  • Turmoil in the kitchen (5 alternative short scenes)
  • Kisses, relationships, and Meemaw
  • A business meeting
  • Kiara’s House
  • Students’ Girls Night (you aren’t invited)
  • Teaser for v.0.16

v.0.14 (Part 2-Chapter2) (2023-12-08)

Table of contents
Continuation of Samantha/Simone scene (for those of you who got a cliffhanger).
Pool lewd scenes (Norah+Erika, or Norah, or Erika… or the three scenes through a “what if?” menu). A small surprise in the individual paths (you can play them even if you are in the combined path).
Chat with Saira.
To the beach!
Truth or Dare game (those girls don’t learn).
Long beach scene (or a lot of small scenes). Some secrets come to light.
Christmas in Summer lunch and narrator spoilers.
Visit Maddie.
Teaser for the next update.

Technical information
26,453 words in English (662 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
24,813 words in Spanish (554 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
2,089 dialogue lines (269 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
2,003 still images (460 more than the biggest update (v.0.12))
26 Animations (3 less than the biggest update (v.0.9A))
2,196 Animated frames (651 more than the biggest update (v.0.10B))
4,199 Total renders (1,395 more than the biggest update (v.0.10B))

v.0.13 (Part 2-Chapter1) (2023-10-27)

  • Words in English: 22,028 (5th). Total: 333,978.
  • Words in Spanish: 20,442 (5th). Total: 310,733.
  • Dialogue lines: 1,596 (5th). Total: 23,534.
  • Still images: 1,335 (2nd). Total: 12,589.
  • Animations: 24 animations (tied 3rd) with 1,289 renders (3rd). Total 234 animations with 9,714 renders.
  • Total Renders: 2,624 (2nd). Total: 22,303.
  • Lines of code: 3,570 related to the update plus a lot in the new interface and features (mostly done by RiamMar).
  • Days of development: 37 (5th worst)

Update content

  • Eileen and Kiara’s story and settling them at home.
  • Kate’s backstory.
  • Knowing a bit more about Kiara.
  • Visiting Scarlett’s home. We’ll meet her mother.
  • Kiara meets another new tenant.
  • Getting Saira at the airport and arriving home.
  • Visit Samantha and Jamaal (some branching involved).
  • Samantha’s long lewd scene (1,427 renders).

v.0.12 (2023-09-20)

What’s in the update?

  • 25,791 words in English (the largest so far, exceeding the initial release by 169 words. It took 6 months to make that release. This one “only” 32 days). Total: 311,950.
  • 24,259 words in Spanish (the largest so far, surpassing the initial release by 148 words). Total: 290,291.
  • 1,820 lines of dialogue (the largest so far, surpassing the initial publication by 30.) Total: 21,938.
  • 1,543 still images (the largest so far, surpassing v.0.10B by 284 images.) Total: 11,254.
  • 9 animations with 799 renders. Total 210 animations with 8,425 renders.
  • 2,342 renderings in total. Total: 19,679.
  • 3,016 lines of language-specific code (the largest so far, surpassing the initial release by 15.) Total: 38,254.
  • 412 lines of shared code. Due to an optimization of the shared code, this number has practically disappeared. I will stop tracking it.

v.0.11A.1 (2023-07-09)

What is in the update?

  • 799 still renders and 242 animated frames in two animations (1,041 in total).
  • 15,637 words in English (pre-proofreading).
  • 14,509 words in Spanish.
  • 1,079 dialogue lines.
  • 4,679 lines of code (pre-proofreading and sound.

Table of contents
What happens in the update?

The wake-up scene with Martha.
Breakfast with Kim, Debbie, and Betty.
Run in the woods with Kim and Debbie. A new character shows up.
Dad is calling.
Jamaal’s call.
Awkward conversation between Betty and Martha.
Meemaw, Norah, and Kate talk about stuff.
An expected arrival in unexpected company.

v.0.10B.2 (2023-05-20)
Days of development: 41 (4th largest)
Words in English: 21,010, Total: 250,096 (5th largest)
Words in Spanish: 19,474, Total: 232,521
Dialogue lines: 1,511, Total: 17,648 (4th largest)
Still images: 1,259, Total: 7,823 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.6 which was 708)
Animations: 24, Total: 180 (3rd largest)
Animated frames: 1,545, Total: 6,010 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.9B which was 1,074)
Total Renders: 2,804, Total: 13,833 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.9B which was 1,663)
Lines of code: 2,945 in each language + 4,220 shared, adding up to 7,165, Total 44,476 (Largest, surpassing previous largest v.0.9B which was 3,662)
11 new songs. 3 old songs playing once again.

Table of contents
What happens in the update? A lot of things:
– Meemaw and Aunt Betty arrive at home and family lunch.
– Norah and Erika have a conversation with the MC in the middle.
– Emma changes her looks. Knowing more about Lisa and Kim.
– Conversation with Daphne about the DnD game, and the aftermath of that conversation.
– Planning a date with Martha for the night.
– Family dinner. Uncomfortable conversations.
– Martha and Megan at the Jazz Corner.
– Martha in her room.
– More Martha.
– Even more Martha.

v.0.9A.1 (2023-01-22)
English words: 25,234. Largest update (Total 193,662, beats Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).
Spanish words: 23,548. Largest update (Total 182,368 words.)
Dialogue lines: 1,747. Largest update. (Total 13,745 words.)
Still Images: 577 (Total 5,333 images.)
Animations: 29. Largest update (Total 124 animations).
Animated frames: 388 (Total 2,782 frames.)
Total images: 965 (Total 8,115 images.)
Lines of code: 3,429, 2,916 in each language and 513 shared (Total 30,142 lines.)
Group sex goes from planned to actual tag

Different scenes with Daphne and Scarlett depending on your choices with them. You will be able to see them all, as I have introduced a menu that will allow you to see them as ‘What if?’ memories without changing your playthrough.
Conversations with Erika and Norah.
Arrival and introduction of the new students. Kim, Debbie, Lisa, and Kate.
Shopping at Maddie’s store. Remember that in v.0.9B (Friday afternoon and evening) you have a date with her.

Welcome to our game. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. Thanks for your time playing it.
English is not our first language, so we would appreciate it if you can inform us of any errors you find or expressions that don’t sound natural in English.
The game features an integrated Walkthrough that you can choose to activate when you begin the game.
You can choose between English and Spanish at the beginning of the playthrough.
The incest patch is recommended, although the game works fine without it, with unique dialogs if the game is patched or unpatched. It should be installed before starting a playthrough.
The five girls/women you live with at game start can be renamed, also the MC.
To avoid duplicate names, these are the names for other characters that will appear in future updates (more to come) :
Female Names: Scarlett, Saira, Eileen, Farren, Sophie, Maddie, Megan, Anna, Eva, Alexia, Samantha, Simone, Kim(berly), Debbie, Ami, Lisa, Kiara, Patricia (Patty), Hailey, Kate, Nia, Zoe, Christy, Olivia.
Male Names: Jonas, Edmund, Jack, Tony, Jamaal

We plan on monthly updates, about 9-10.000 words long and with 200-300 still images, depending on the update plot.

We hate the all-or-nothing mechanics, so with every core girl, you will have, at least, 2 chances to open the path with them. If the two chances are in the same update, you will have another chance in a future update to open that path.

There will not be NTR in this game. If any girl was dating someone before you meet her, and you don’t consider her a LI, she will continue with her life. She can continue (or not) with that someone, but you won’t hear/see/read about it.

As always, any support you can give is welcome. Either through your comments or as a patron on our Patreon page.

Best regards and enjoy.


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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