Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod


Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod free download at h-game18.xyz

You want nothing more than to relax at your late grandfather’s old mountain hut, when you are suddenly surrounded
by a thick unnatural fog. To make it worse, dangerous shadowy monsters lurk in the woods and attack you.
But there is a glimmer of hope. A girl that was able to flee and now lives with you.
The tension is high and survival difficult, but you have to pull through.
Survive, unravel the mystery and forge bonds with the girls you meet in this desperate situation.

Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod
Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod


  • – RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-30
  • – DEVELOPER: 395games
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: 1.0.3
  • – LANGUAGE: English, Việt Hóa
  • – OS: Windows, Android
  • – GENRE: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Combat, Monster, RPG, Turn based combat, Teasing, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Masturbation, Loli, Slight Horror, Vaginal Sex, Harem, Creampie, Exploration, Virgin, Sex toys, POV, Paranormal, Male Domination, Drugs, Incest, Monster Girl, Footjob, Mind Control, Milf, Anal Sex.
Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod
Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod
Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod
Mist v1.03 Việt Hóa + English with Mod


Removed typos. Hundreds of them. I’m not even kidding. Thanks to many people from the community like Mythril Leaf, Lone Ranger or Keless, to name a few, I managed to get rid of soooo many typos. And I think in the process I actually understood some grammar rules that I didn’t get until now.

Bugfixes. Not that many but a few important ones. Like a rare softlock that could occur in the tunnels and problems with the fishing system.

Adjusted Images. There were very few wrong images still in the game. Basically images from older versions that I’ve now changed. There were also a few images that needed some adjustements to their brightness, which I’ve also done.


1. 0.11 finishes the story of the game.

2. There are 3 new scenes.

3. There is now new dialogue for repeatable scenes.

Content changes:

1. Some adjustements to the early game. Nothing big. A few small dialogue changes, a very slight balancing adjustement.

2. Harvesting ferns on the mountain gives more food.

3. I made a new screen when you close the game.


1. I fixed a bunch of spelling errors that were pointed out to me.

2. I included a “forcequit” buttont o the pc screen in the tunnels in case something breaks and people need to get out of there. I hope it helps, I’m not sure.

New Content:
1. The story continues to the final fight against the Director.
2. 2 new scenes of which one is stupidly big and features 19 different animations. An amount that I’d normally spread across 4-5 different scenes.
3. A new area to explore leading up to the fight.
4. New sounds and new music.
5. A bunch of new animations.
Content changes:
1. A change to the talking system and the fireplace events that corretly greyes out events you’ve already seen.
2. A new tutorial for the fishing minigame that triggers when you pick up the fishing rod for the first time.
3. Slight adjustments to the difficulty of the second large fight for the cabin.
1. Bugfixes. The usual small stuff that arrives while developing.
2. Grammar and spelling fixes that were pointed out to me.

New Content:
1. New story content. At least an hour of gameplay.
2. 4 new scenes, one for each girl.
3. New areas, new soundeffects etc.
4. A bunch of new animations.
5. Aswell as a new weapon.
Content changes:
1. Small adjustements to the early game, putting some of Robins earlier struggles before the rework back into the game.
2. Added a function to look at a map while exploring the tunnels.
1. Bugfixes. The usual small stuff that arrives while developing.
2. Grammar and spelling fixes that were pointed out to me.
This update mainly features new content and moves the story along, aswell as introducing new scenes for the girls. There are some bigger things happening in this update, I hope you enjoy it!

New Content

1. The story continues after 0.8.1. About 60 minutes of new gameplay.
2. There are 3 new scenes.
3. New areas, new music, new soundeffects etc.
Content changes
1. I made a few small tweeks to the fishing minigame, making it a bit easier to catch the big fish.
2. And another set of small tweeks to make one of the bigger fights slightly easier.
1. I fixed a bunch of typos you reported on Discord and F95.
2. I also got rid of a few smaller bugs here and there that I can’t really remember.
3. I also implemented a fix to a potential softlock that could occur earlier on in the game with one of Robins scenes if you used a very old save. It is still heavily recommended to not use saves that are too old, but this might still help with it, I can’t say for sure.
*There are two android versions this time.

  • “Android Old” works better on older phones but you only have one save location.
  • “Android New” works only on newer phones and stores your saves in two separate locations.

It’s recommended to make a backup of your saves before installing the new version.
1. Backup your old saves. They should be located in /android/data/mist.game/saves
2. Delete the old version of the game.
3. Then download and install the new one.
4. Return the saves you backed up into the savefile direction mentioned above.


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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