Girl House – v1.5.0 Extra – Android Port + Mod by

The main character wakes up in a hospital with memory loss. He remembers only some fragments of his past life and doesn’t even suspect that all the troubles that happened to him wasn’t accidental.

Girl House - v1.5.0 Extra - Android Port + Mod

Girl House DETAILS

  • – RELEASE DATE: 2021-08-21
  • – DEVELOPER: Astaros3D
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: v1.5.2 Extra
  • – LANGUAGE: English
  • – OS: Windows, Android
  • – GENRE: Male Protagonist, 3DCG, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Oral sex, Paranormal, Voyeurism, Mobile game, MILF, Religion, Monster girl
Girl House - v1.5.0 Extra - Android Port + Mod
Girl House - v1.5.0 Extra - Android Port + Mod



0.7.02 Extra
• Mia’s blowjob scene
• 2 erotic scenes with Vanessa
• Erotic scene with Vicky
• Phone improvement
• Help button with tips, now at any moment you will know what to do next.
• Correction of text

• Bug fixes
• Several new Lola’s blowjob animations
• Rework of doctor’s blowjob in the basement
• Mini games simplification

Cheats (money, hidden buttons) – in the Option menu


Console Commands:

credits ; present value
credits = xxx ; change value
credits ; verify new value

restore roulette “no fraud”:
roulette_fraud = False
roulette_win = 0


1st photo of Lola blowjob
– get the feather from Vanessa’s room. Left side of bed, next to pillow.
– visit Lola after 23.00.
– remove the bed clothes.
– select the feather in inventory and tickle her feet.
– then tickle her waist.
– when directed to take the photo, use the camera app on your phone.

– Vanessa gives you this task when you ask how you can help a few times.
– she gives you the key.
– you need rat poison, so order it from your phone.
– next day when it arrives, you need to have the knife.
– in kitchen, click on the rack of knives on the wall. then click the one knife you can take.
– to collect the rat poison, open the front door, then click on the down-arrow to the right, to look down.
– now select knife in inventory and use it to open the box.
– to get into the cellar, select the key and use on the cellar door.
– in the cellar, select the rat poison and go forwards.

– Find the laptop in the lounge under the TV. 2nd cupboard from the left.
– FInd the battery on the shelves in the cellar.
– In your inventory, click and drag the battery onto the laptop. Or vice-versa. One of those works.
– Try to open the laptop, you will see you need to know the password.
– Not sure how you’re supposed to find the pw, but it is the MILF’s name. Default “Vanessa” (capital V), unless you changed it.
– Check out the bondage photos of Vanessa in the desktop folder.
– Give the laptop to Mia.

Mia cam-girl
– Find the camgirl business card in Vanessa’s room.
– Left side of bed, in chest of drawers, 2nd drawer from bottom. click on the card.
– Now you can suggest it to Mia.

– Mia doesn’t want to be identified on camera.
– Look in the wardrobe in your room, the right-hand door. (Click left arrow in own room to see wardrobe.)
– On the bottom shelf is a mask.
– Take it, and then go back and talk to Mia.

– You get a hint that Vicky is interested in sex or sucking your cock.
– See her by the pool (12.00 – 14.00). Tell her to suck your cock.
– She uses you to snap photos of her and your cock, to maker her ex jealous.
– Sometime later you can do this again – this time she’ll ride your face and snap another photo.

Meet the doctor (1st time)
– I think you need to have paid to see Mia’s tits once before the doctor will come.

Meet the doctor (2nd time)
– Need to have the lust meter full so that you will be able to influence her.
– You will get a hint that you have enough energy.
– SMS the doctor. She replies that she will come tomorrow.
– After breakfast, in the hallway, doctor appears. First the angel and demon hypnotise her.
– Take her down into the basement, do the steps offered.

Something erotic
– replace Lola’s book with something erotic.
– Lola tells you that she’s reading The Time Machine.
– Go to Vanessa’s room, get the book “Self Love” from the drawer to the right of her bed.
– Order the glue-stick online. (Not the strong glue)
– Collect the glue the next day. Using the knife which you already got from the kitchen (see Rats above).
– Once this quest is unlocked, you will see the book “The Time Machine” on the right side of Lola’s drawers, next to the lamp. Pick it up.
– In your inventory, drag the knife onto the Time Machine book, to remove the cover.
– Drag the glue onto the book cover.
– Drag Self Love onto the glued cover.
– Select the newly created book and put it back where it was.
– Now after 21.00(?) you can use the Snooper (buy it) and peek through her door to see her masturbating.

Blowjob photo 2
– when confronted about masturbating, Lola denies it.
– buy a snooper recording upgrade ($1000), which can be applied immediately.
– view her again, (20.00)
– show Mia the photo the next day.
– send Mia the photo via SMS to continue.

Buy a sunscreen
– After Vanessa’s kitchen scene (jean cut-offs, cutting vegetables, sucking your thumb)?
– Talk to her sunbathing at 14.00 by the pool.
– buy sunscreen.
– now you can also visit Vicky at 12:00 and apply lotion to her. She teases you again, and the demon plans revenge.
– Vanessa at 14.00, first do and her shoulders and legs. Then bra strap and bottom.
– Vanessa goes for a swim, her bikini top vanishes.

New swimsuit
– Buy her a new swimsuit.
– Give it to her next day.
– Go watch her and offer to do sunscreen again.

Teach her a lesson
– buy crazy glue
– drag it on top of sunscreen
– apply to vicky next day at pool at 12.00.
– use her.

Lola is not an angel
Hint reads: Check Lola’s room when she’s not there and see what you find.
– Look at her desk (forward then left), look at her homework. Draw a penis on it.
– Next day at 13.30, be in her room, talk to her.
– Next day at 13.30, be in her room AGAIN, talk to her.

Explore the house and talk to its inhabitants.
– Talk to Lola, get a BJ.

See naked Lola.
– Watch her in the shower, 07:30, until you get caught.

See Vanessa in her room at 18.30.
– nice scene

Be at the pool at midday
– Vicky is there with a friend, Barbara.
– New task: go find swim trunks.
– Look on your wardrobe, left side, 2nd bottom shelf.
– Return to pool. Interact with girls. See nice lesbian scene and then Vanessa touches you up.

Lola probably wants you again.
– First get another blowjob.
– Leads to 69 which she loves.
– Ask to have sex. She says yes, but 69. You say no, real sex.
– She’s too tight, so buy lubricant.

Lola must become a whore
– No hints.
– She’s already DTF in her room.
– Seems have to do the photoshoot (3rd?) with Bella where she offers sex if you can get Mia to join.
– Buy the new porn movie available (College girls #3), and watch it. Choose to organise the threesome.
(I didn’t do this and had to repeat, which you can do immediately)
– End up having sex with Mia, and Lola joins in. Task completed.

Mia promised to come to the photo studio with us.
– But no option to discuss that with Mia.
– That’s because the walkthrough mod I had was for version 1.4.0, and the game is 1.5.2.
– After loading that save in a clean 1.5.2 install, I have the option after visiting Mia and talking.

Console cheat to unlock gallery pictures and scenes:
“gallery_ids” will show you which gallery entries exist, and + ID is the reference to that image that needs to be set True to be visible. e.g.:

These same IDs will also unlock the scene replay.


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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