Ero-Gen v1.0

Ero-Gen v1.0


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Ero-Gen – interactive adult game about the adventures of the sorceresses.

There are three storylines in the game.
Each story is about a pair of sorceresses who, one way or another, became involved in criminal life of their town.
The girls are trying to overcome the troubles that suddenly arose in their lives, but this turns out to be really difficult.
Now none of them can quit this game without spreading her legs for the robbers.
After some time, the sorceresses will get to know each other and unite to achieve goals they did not even suspect when they got involved into this story.

You can experience several types of gameplay (unique for each pair of sorceresses and the Manor).
The storyline of all the sorceresses and their opponents is shown with many animated cut-scenes.
Be careful. The game includes a lot of adult content.

Keep in mind that the sorceresses were not prepared for what happened to them, so in almost any confrontation they will certainly lose.
It is assumed that the player will play all the parts of the game several times before winning.

Current version of the game – v.1.0
Enjoy the game and thank you very much for your support.

Ero-Gen v1.0
Ero-Gen v1.0


  • – RELEASE DATE: 2023-08-24
  • – DEVELOPER: Sesalia
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: 1.0
  • – LANGUAGE: English
  • – OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • – GENRE: 3D game, Female protagonist, Male domination, Animated, Magic, Turn-based combat, Deepthroat, Anal, Oral, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Fantasy, Slave, Management, Platformer, Rape, Humiliation, Prostitution, Sex Toys, Group Sex, Lesbian, Mobile Game, Spanking, Combat, Multiple penetration, Big Tits, Masturbation, Titfuck, Graphic violence, Voiced, Sexual harassment
Ero-Gen v1.0
Ero-Gen v1.0
Ero-Gen v1.0
Ero-Gen v1.0


– lvl 4 ‘Battle’ added (it’s time to defeat the villain);
– victory scene added (Katie and Christie);
– final scene added;
– the first code added: adminzahar (allows you to use admin panel to customize the Battle);
– some minor bugs fixed.

– the third stage of ‘The Manor’ added (‘The Manor 3’);
– 2 new playable characters added to ‘The Manor 3’ (Evelyn and Amelia);
– upstairs room added to ‘The Manor 3’;
– 3 new orders added to client wishlist (‘The Manor 3’);
– ability to buy and learn new spells for ‘Zahar battle’ added (‘The Manor 3’).
– some minor bugs fixed.

– 4 new hot animation sets have been added to the last level (Cassandra and Lisanna);
– a marker showing your target’s location on the minimap have been added to the last level;
– visual bug in the Manor and some other bugs fixed.

– new gameplay part of Cassandra and Lisanna’s story (platformer);
– new part of Isabel’s disciples story (20 new hot scenes);
– new set of adult animations;
– some bugs fixed.

– the next part of Cassandra and Lisanna’s story;
– new set of adult animations;
– some bugs fixed.


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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