Covenant of Morn v0.3.2 + Việt Hoá

Covenant of Morn v0.3.2 + Việt Hoá

Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port

Covenant of Morn v0.3.2 + Việt Hoá + Android Port by

You are resurrected by a white-haired witch that offers you a deal.

Her blood to keep you alive, in return for helping her with an important mission.

A mission to murder her very own sister.

Soon you are plunged into a world full of magic and mystery,

learn that there is more to it all than meets the eye and that receiving “her blood” means sharing the witches bed.

Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port
Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port

Covenant of Morn Details

  • RELEASE DATE: 2024-03-21
  • DEVELOPER: 395games
  • TRANSLATOR: gvnvh
  • VERSION: 0.3.2 | 0.3
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
  • GENRE: 3DCG, Animated, Mobile Game, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Big Ass, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Exploration, Dating Sim, Point & Click, Graphic violence, Sandbox
Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port
Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port
Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port
Covenant of Morn + Việt Hoá + Android Port

Covenant of Morn Free Download

It’s time for Covenant of Morn version 0.3.2. A large update with plenty of new content and plenty of changes. You might have noticed one already. Yes, the name of the game has changed. It was brought to my attention how the old name was not the smartest choice and so the game is now called COVENANT OF MORN. Now let’s see what’s new and what has changed. As usual, the actual download links will follow later today.
New Content:
It’s finally time to enter the games first dungeon. It’s still early in development and there isn’t a huge amount of content in the dungeon yet, but that will follow in the next few updates.
DATES: Go on three new dates with Enna and learn more about the person behind the bronze mask.
SEX SCENES: Along with the new dates, Enna has two new sex scenes for you to explore. I’m especially proud of the second one.
INTERACTION VIEW: By pressing a new button in the UI, you can interact with certain objects in your house to get some insight or background information.
NEW HANGOUT: Hang out with Enna in the new and improved backyard and get to know her a bit better.
NEW ANIMATIONS: The dungeon comes with a few new animations, so does the main menu now.
GAMMA: I’ve been in contact with Pytom, the creator of Ren’Py, to finally bring you a real gamma adjustment for the game. With it you can now make sure that the game looks correct no matter where you play or how your light situation is.
NEW TITLE: As you can tell, the games title has changed.
DEMO VERSION: From now on there will also be a free demo version that features only the prolog of the game so people can try it out before deciding to buy.
Changed Content:
The entire prolog has been rewritten and plenty of renders have been remade. See a new opening to the story and a changed Enna.
REMADE LOCATIONS: Along with the new prolog, I remade or improved several environments to be more interesting or visually pleasing.
BRIGHTNESS: I also retouched several backgrounds that were either a little too bright or a little too dark. As well as Enna’s first sex scene.
This update was a huge undertaking for me and StrayHero (the games editor). We set out to make the opening more engaging and interesting. To give Enna a new dimension and make her more interesting, all while keeping true to the story and who she still is as a character. The story itself has not changed a whole lot. If you don’t want to start from the beginning, you don’t have to. But I still highly recommend starting over for the best experience. I think it is worth it.
That said, I wish everyone a good time with the update! This marks a new chapter for the game and I’m looking forward to building more content and improving on top of this new base in the future. The game still has a long way to go, but I feel like my vision is slowly but surely coming together.

New Content:
The story continues
: About thirty minutes of additional gameplay.
The first dungeon: While it’s only a short glimpse, you get to see the first dungeon of the game.
The third character: You’ll only see her briefly, but the third girl of Children of Morn can be spotted in this version.
Three new erotic scenes: Three new sex scenes, all of them focused on Moran this time and all of them repeatable, with different dialogue the second time you play them.
Dates with the snake: Seven date events for Moran are now in the game. Four story scenes and the mentioned three sex scenes.
The second minigame: You can now go fishing with Moran to earn her affection, she goes crazy when it comes to fresh fish.
The city: You can now travel to the first few locations in the city. It’s not used for much at the moment, but the system will be expanded in future versions.
Accessibility: I added a brightness slider to the menu for those that play in well-lit environments. It’s not perfect as Ren’Py isn’t really equipped to do this kind of stuff, but it works.
New Music: Additional music tracks can now be heard in Children of Morn.
New Sounds: A bunch of new soundeffects were added to the game. I recorded most of them on my last vacation.
Changed Content:
I’ve reworked the shop minigame to make it easier to understand, the initial tutorial more comprehensive, the clickable areas much more noticeable and to shift the emphasis from memorizing the whole inventory, to listening to the customers clues and selecting the right items on your own.
Gallery Buttons: I’ve made adjustments to the gallery and the journal to have more compact buttons for the girls.
Quality of Life: Whenever you can go on dates with the girls, their little icon next to the quicktravel buttons is now colored red, so you always know when to visit them.
Whenever your lifepoints are about to run out, a small event will warn you and their color will change to red.
The logic in the screen when selecting clues has been changed to be slightly more intuitive. Also maybe the visuals changed? I can’t remember when I did this change, maybe it was in v0.2. I’ll just mention it here.
Slight Edits: Very few and very slight adjustments have been made to the scripts of 0.1 and 0.2. we’re talking two lines if I remember correctly.
Version 0.3 took way too long. There are multiple reasons for it and I’ll probably talk about it in the future, but what’s important for me to mention right here is that I apologize for the big delay. I made you wait way too long for new content and will make sure that it won’t happen again. In return, the update is at least quite big. I wish you all a great time with Enna and Moran!


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  • Extract/Install.
  • Crack if needed.
  • Play game.
  • Have fun ^^.

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