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The protagonist was once a famous genius, but now he is poor.
Addicted to alcohol every day, he only complains about his past glory and persecution due to jealousy,
so that people around him laughed at him as a “bragging scholar”.

One day, he woke up drunk and found himself in an underground cemetery with demons wandering around.
The mysterious girl “Foxy” who met in the cemetery taught him the necromancer magic.
At the same time, he met the undead girl “Kagaribi” who called him master and loyal to him.

A frustrated Ex-genius, an indifferent immortal girl.
Master and servant, owner and tool.
In the constant day and night, the relationship between the two seems to have gradually changed.

With the lost past of Kagalibi and the real purpose of Foxy gradually revealed,
the ending of the two has moved towards an unpredictable future.​

Yes My Lord Android Port + Mod
Yes My Lord Android Port + Mod


  • – RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-19
  • – DEVELOPER: Doubles Core
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: Final
  • – LANGUAGE: English
  • – OS: Windows, Android
  • – GENRE: 2dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, japanese game, censored, adventure, fantasy, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, creampie, groping, teasing, turn based combat, group sex, monster, monster girl, titfuck, handjob, oral sex, animated,
Yes My Lord Android Port + Mod
Yes My Lord Android Port + Mod
Yes My Lord Android Port + Mod
Yes My Lord Android Port + Mod


Bản sửa lỗi đầu tiên của tôi dành cho Yes My Lord, trong bản này tôi đã thêm:

  • Thêm nút C.
  • Thay đổi cheats.
  • Sửa lỗi từ bạn Steins;Gate thông báo: thiếu file “M_Sister__face.png”
  • Trong phần nâng Gem, các bạn sử dụng thao tác bấm chạm để chọn Gem cần nâng cấp, để thoát giao diện thì chạm đồng thời hai bên màn hình (không phải hai bên rìa màu đen đâu) để thoát.
Developer Notes

A passionate pure love story.
There are four endings.

Based on the turn system of traditional Japanese RPG, the combined skill setting is added.

○Growth system
Attributes grow through battles.
When encountering a strong enemy, you have the opportunity to gain the ability to surpass your opponent and turn the world around.
You can gain soul value after defeating the enemy. Consuming soul can acquire or strengthen skills.
The skills that can be learned will be gradually lifted as the story progresses, and the heroine will get new clothes.

Gems dropped by enemies can not only increase basic attributes, but also may even have a special effect of HP continuous recovery or increasing damage to certain enemies.
Equip it smartly and build your own strategy.

Mod Note:

Mod only on android:

  • Gold
  • Recovery
  • Stats
  • Level +10


  • Support Gamepad
  • One press to move
  • One long press to speed up
  • Two fingers at the same time to open menu
  • Two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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 by Concak in 27/08/2023

Bro sửa nốt tuyết nguyệt hoa dc ko đoạn sau giải đấu vào hang đánh trộm hay sao á với cả đoạn trong thị trấn hay chợ á

 by Concak in 28/08/2023

Cái stat trong phần mod á khi nâng lên thì nó chỉ tăng tring khẩn hiển thị chứ thực cahst thì stat vẫn 25, 26 như cũ à

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