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The Lust City” is an adult game full of adventure, exploration, suspense and intimacy. You’re a seasoned explorer on a mission with your expedition crew into the deep jungle. You seek an ancient temple lost to time, and you’re certain you can find it–especially with the support of your crew.
However, the jungle has a way of distorting one’s goals, and obscuring the path. Will you and your crew find the temple lost to time, or something else entirely?​

The Lust City + Multi Mod

The Lust City DETAILS

  • Thread DATE: 2024-02-29
  • – DEVELOPER: Candylight Studio
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: S2 v0.22
  • – LANGUAGE: English
  • – OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • – GENRE: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, big tits, big ass, teasing, bdsm, creampie, female domination, male domination, footjob, group sex, threesome, handjob, incest, interracial, male protagonist, oral sex, titfuck , twins, vaginal sex, virgin
The Lust City + Multi Mod
The Lust City + Multi Mod


Season 2 v0.22

2500+ renders
260+ animations with Sounds
Added Quest Log updates (now you can track your game progress with story and side quests since a lot of things coming up!)
Added Primal Vision
150+ hot primal vision renders (game stays the same, when you notice pink bubble in the top left corner click on it, you will be delighted )

To unlock “Primal Vision” simply click on this button on Main Menu screen and you will be able to input special code that will unlock “Primal Vision”.

PRIMAL VISION code : dream

Fixes and updates:
Fixed renders
Fixed animations
Minor bugs fixed

Future updates:

New character introduction!
Main story progress!
3-4 additional side quests!

Season 2 v0.12
– Added Gallery
– GUI overhaul
– Option for player to choose between Sandbox or Visual Novel is finally fixed
– Added option to hide Textbox (MORE OPTIONS TO COME)
– Fixed renders
– Fixed animations
– Fixed major bugs in code

Season 2 v0.1
1900+ renders
220+animations with Sounds
Option for player to choose between Sandbox or Visual Novel
Added option to hide Textbox (MORE OPTIONS TO COME)
Fixed renders
Fixed animations
Fixed minor bugs in code
Future updates:
Primal Vision
Background music

Season 1 v1.1
“The Lust City” now comes with a French translation!
 Dive into the allure of Lust City in the language of love, and let the passion of the jungle unfold in French.

Explore Lust City’s Depths en Français!
The game now invites French speakers to uncover its secrets with a touch of elegance. The same thrilling narratives, the same steamy encounters, now enrobed in the eloquence of French. It’s a celebration of passion and an extension of Lust City’s immersive world.

Stay tuned because we will release one more language in coming days!

Season2 Pre-Demo
What’s Inside the Pre-Demo?

In this pre-demo, you’ll be introduced to familiar faces like Alyssa and Elizabeth, each with their own intriguing storylines. The “Chambers of Desire” await exploration, adding a layer of mystery and allure to the city’s landscape.
As an extra treat, we’re thrilled to announce the implementation of the long-awaited Quest Log, enhancing your gaming experience with clear objectives and exciting challenges.

Alyssa and Elizabeth
Discover the next chapters in the lives of Alyssa and Elizabeth, with their stories taking unexpected twists and turns. Your choices will shape their destinies, making each playthrough a unique experience.

Chambers of Desire
Step into the seductive “Chambers of Desire,” where passion and secrets intertwine. Your journey through the city is about to become even more captivating as you navigate the complex emotions and desires within these chambers.

Quest Log
Embark on a structured adventure with the brand-new Quest Log feature. Stay organized with clearly defined objectives, track your progress, and immerse yourself in a more dynamic gameplay experience. Your actions and choices will guide you through a web of quests, leading to exciting rewards and unexpected twists.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support propels us forward, and we can’t wait for you to experience the next chapter of “The Lust City 2.”

Season 2 v2.5 BETA
What’s the Scoop?

In this beta version, you’ll experience a sneak peek into the unfolding narrative. We know there’s only a taste of what’s to come, but rest assured, we’ve got a treasure trove of content lined up for the next few months. The story will evolve, characters will deepen, and the city’s secrets will unravel with each update.

Dive into Interactive Gameplay
“The Lust City 2”
 isn’t just a visual novel; it’s an immersive experience. You’ll be able to interact with characters and the environment using multiple mechanics, creating your unique adventure. It’s your choices and actions that will shape the story and relationships, making each playthrough a fresh and exciting journey.

v1.0 Steam
Reworked more than 200 animations!
Polish and update of all images!
A million of smaller bug fixes and improvements!

820+ new renders
65+ new animations with sounds
35+ “Primal Vision” images (you can see icons in top left corner)

Fixes and updates:
Fixed bug in code which prevented sound from animations being played
Fixed some other minor issues in code
Fixed minor clippings in renders and animations

810+ new renders
93+ new animations with sounds
33+ “Primal Vision” images (you can see icons in top left corner)
More choices!
New background music!
New Main Menu Animation!

Fixes and Updates
Added 50+ renders
Added 12+ Animations with sounds
Fixed minor errors and bugs in code
Fixed some pathing options

800+ new renders
106+ new animations with sounds
35+ “Primal Vision” images (you can see icons in top left corner)
4 new Gallery Pages
AND FINALLY we added Lust Scene Replay (that means that if have favorite sex scene in game, now you can easily access them)

Updates in The Lust City – Chapter 6:
750+ new renders
90+ new animations with sounds
35+ “Primal Vision” images (you can see icons in top left corner)

Fixes and updates :
Added sound to all animations
Fixed minor clippings
Fixed minor bugs in code

800+ new renders
32+ new animations with sounds
Added new translation to Portuguese (now our game is available in 5 languages!)
Added new Main Menu!

Added translation to German
175+ animations with sound effects (and many more to come in future updates)
Added background sounds and ambient music
Fixed minor bugs in code


Christmas Special (side story)

We are really happy to announce release of our DEMO version of the game “The Lust City
Demo version is available for everyone in Full HD and 4K for PC and Mac to download!
We hope you’ll like it and if you do, give us your feedback on our Discord channel or you can just leave an opinion here!
If you like the game, consider supporting us, it will be really helpful for further development of our game and it also means the world to us!

v1.0 Steam
bonus code = king


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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