The school idol Saori-chan has an attractive face and figure, impeccable grades, and is an all-around competent athlete. She is right in the middle of her youth, the spring of her life, and totally enjoying a fulfilling school life with her friends!

However, that happy life, is abruptly shattered… utterly destroyed…

A man suddenly barges into the male restricted, female only toilet! …and unable to react to the sudden development, without even letting out a scream for help… Saori-chan is forcefully deflowered.

On top of that, she ends up the target of a stranger, her body stolen… and her sexy ass and enticing breasts are exposed… The sweaty, salacious sight of Saori-chan’s fleshy entanglement, is a must see!

Targeted... The School Idol Saori-chan!!
Targeted… The School Idol Saori-chan!!


  • Date: 15/09/2017
  • Artist: ドリームドット
  • Format: Mp4
  • Genre: 3D Works, Sailor-style Uniform, PE Uniform, School / Academy, Coercion / Compulsion, Twin Tail

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