My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android

My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android

My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android free download at

Your little sister moved out for school, leaving you all alone. But she’s back for a visit!
And try as you might to ignore it, she’s just so innocent. Your new life together is sure to be


Touch your little sister and listen to her sexy requests…
Get to know her a little better, but don’t get caught!

My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android
My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android

My Little Sister Came to My House DETAILS

  • – RELEASE DATE: 2021-02-28
  • – DEVELOPER: Hop Beer
  • – TRANSLATOR: dellkill96, masterdragonson | Nguyễn Kiên
  • – VERSION: Final
  • – LANGUAGE: English, Việt Hóa
  • – OS: Windows, Android
  • – GENRE: Touch/Feel, Breasts, Anime, Younger Sister, Sleep Sex, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot
My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android
My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android
My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android
My Little Sister Came to My House v2.05 Việt Hóa + Android

My Little Sister Came to My House FREE DOWNLOAD


Seeing a lot of posts where people are struggling to make progress or are not understanding how the game flow works in general. So I’ll be giving a general overview, some tips and conditions that need to be met for the scenes.

I purchased the game and have been playing it on and off since it was first released by Hop beer. If you think it’s buggy now… Lets just say you’ve all got it good haha!

Slow progress bar?

So Lets first address the slow progress bar… It may seem slow right off the bat, however given that you have 4 actions per day to increase it, you can roughly get a max of ~5% per day. Doing the math that’s ~20 days to max out the bar. Fairly reasonable for a game with these underlying mechanics if you were to compare it to a certain other Little sister game.

Increasing the progress bar

As for how we go about increasing the bar efficiently you need to use the “play with my sister” option (the top one). All 3 of the options presented to you from this menu choice are there to increase your relationship with her. Talking to her (1st option) is the standard and gives a flat amount. I believe the topic options are just for flavour except for the ecchi topic (will get into that later). The Play games option (2nd one) has the potential to give the biggest relationship increase however, it depends entirely on if she wins or not. You will still get an increase if she loses, but I think you get double points if she wins. This is entirely RNG though. As for the watch TV option (3rd one), this is similar to talking to her although the program you watch is RNG dependant and can affect her mood (which can lead to certain scenes, again will get into that later). Lastly the highest relationship boost you can get happens on the weekend. Doing any activities other than going out to the shop gives a large boost to the relationship. Possibly 2-4 normal play options during the week (I think cooking for her gives the most though). Bearing in mind you still get 3 turns to interact with her after the daytime event on a weekend. So there are big gains to be had on Saturdays and Sundays!
Next I’ll give an overview of how to meet the conditions for each scene. Most are tied to the relationship progress milestone (the arrows on the bar) However there’s one or two scenes that can be dived into quite quickly if you know what to do. Although in my opinion this does present some continuity issues in regards to your initial relationship with your sister but, hey I’m sure those here to just fap will appreciate it! So let’s get started.

(I will be assuming that in this translated version the interaction menu options are not translated because they are PNG images. With that in mind I will make it clear which options to choose and in some cases inform you what they translate to. Also please save whenever you enter an event scene with multiple actions to choose from. This can save a lot of time if you accidentally click the wrong thing or just don’t know what the options do yet.)


Little sister shows you her panties/bra/breasts:

This one is fairly simple. The 2nd option down on the main interaction menu is “Take a break”. At the bottom of the menu that this option takes you to is the option “Express your worries”. Choosing this will inform your little sister that you are frustrated because you want to know what’s in her skirt/under her top. I’m not 100% sure on this but, I think this depends on if you pull up her skirt or touch her breasts when she is sitting on the couch before you choose this option. Once you reach the first progress arrow on the bar you will then gain access to touching her/removing her bra/panties during these scenes. Before then she will only show you briefly and then the scene will end.

Little sister gives footjob, handjob, blowjob etc….:

These events can be accessed via the “play with my sister” menu (Top option from the main interaction menu) and then choosing the red option at the bottom. Order from top to bottom is footjob, handjob, blowjob and sex (why a footjob comes before a handjob in hop beers mind in terms of sexual progression I do not know, but thats neither here nor there). You will not be able to use these option until reaching the 60% progress arrow (2nd arrow). Little tip that generally applies to all sexual act scenes for those who can’t read Japanese or have no means to translate PNGs. Do not immediately click the top red option in these or any sex related scenes, that is the “Nut button” The other two buttons are for increasing or decreasing speed.

Little sister sleep touching (no sleeping tea):

This event can occur every night, simply click the bottom option when going to bed. During this event filling the progress bar on the top left will wake her up. Doing this too soon will slow the progress of the relationship bar so avoid doing that for now. Actions that can be taken in this scene are as follows… Touch her breast, pull up her nightie, open her nightie, take off her panties, play with her pussy (2 actions legs closed), open her legs, play with her pussy (5 actions legs open), stick it in. You will not be able to insert before the 40% progress arrow, protag will say its too soon he feels bad. Theres a few different directions this scene can go in terms of dialogue based on relationship, waking her up (or not) and what you are doing when she wakes up or you nut, experiment a little!

Little sister shared bathing:

As I stated earlier there’s a few scenes you can get to quite quickly without building relationship. This one simply requires that you have the scary story item (third option down when visiting the store). Should be able to get this by the 3rd day. All you have to do is read it to her from the talk option located within the “play with my sister” option from the interaction menu. It will appear underneath the standard topic option I believe. Once she is in a scared state (blue tint on forehead) tell her it’s bath time (3rd option on the interaction main menu). She will then proceed to explain she is too scared to go alone and will force you to come with her. Enjoy seeing and touching your naked little sister! (I mentioned earlier on that this sorta brakes the games continuity, this is because she has no real objection to you playing with her breasts and fondling her pussy in this scenes after being in the same house with you for 2 days).

Little sister toilet voyeur:

This is another scene that uses the scary story item. You will also require the diuretic tea (2nd option from the store I think…) As before follow the same method to put her in a scared state. Once done choose the “take a break” option on the interaction menu (2nd option). Then pick the 2nd option again which is the diuretic tea. Once she drinks the tea you will get dialogue forcing you to go to the toilet with her. enjoy watching your little sister pee! There are various options for what you can do here so experiment and have fun! The scene will evolve over time as you increase your relationship with her as will the available actions (including insertion).

Little sister sleep touching (with sleep tea):

This sleep event has unique CG and animation so is worth pursuing. Simply get the sleep tea from the store (1st option I think…) and use 2nd option on the main interaction menu, then the 3rd option for the sleep tea. This will immediately make her sleep so beware and only use this on your last turn of the night if you want to progress your relationship with her first. This event plays out in the same fashion to the non sleep tea event mechanically but, has her in a unique position while also keeping the clothes on she was wearing when drinking the sleep tea. I believe the same applies to insertion though as the other sleep event, you can’t stick it in before the first progress arrow. Other than that, enjoy!

Little sister gets horny!:

This event can be activated once you reach the 3rd progress arrow I believe. All you need to do is talk to her about ecchi stuff from the talk menu (1st option > 1st option > red option at bottom). Or a love drama comes on the TV when choosing to watch TV with her. If the conditions are met she will basically jump on your dick… happy ploughing! This can also be activated via the show panties/show breasts scenes if you touch her enough. If I recall correctly though she has levels of arousal, you’ll start to see her cheeks flush. Can sometimes take a few ecchi topics or rounds of touching to trigger it.
And I believe that’s all of the main content for now. There are various alterations to dialogue etc… based on small things but, I don’t think they are worth mentioning, plus it gives each person a chance to have a slightly more unique experience if we don’t go into minute details.

Hope this helps! have fun with the game! I think it has a lot of potential and I hope Hop beer revisits this genre in the future with a better understanding of how to implement it.


  • One press to move
  • One long press to speed up
  • Two fingers at the same time to open menu
  • Two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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