Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a free download at

Howdy, pardner! Might I say, you’re looking fit as a fiddle!

And this is not surprising, because you are one of the survivors in a comfortable vault!

But it’s time to get to the surface to explore the world. Well, or try to do it.​

Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a
Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a

Deep Vault 69 DETAILS

  • – Thread Updated: 2024-02-09
    – Release Date: 2023-10-27
  • – DEVELOPER: bohohon
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: v0.2.16_a
  • – LANGUAGE: English, Russian
  • – OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • – GENRE: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Point & click, Sandbox, Animated, Mobile game, Masturbation, Big ass, Big tits, Parody, Voyeurism, Humor, RPG
Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a
Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a
Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a
Deep Vault 69 v0.2.16_a


cheat_code = “486248”


  • The Masoch-Sacher House location has been added.
  • Added Wipe character.
  • Added a quest with Wipe.
  • Added a scene with Wipe(2 versions).
  • The VATS system has been added as a test in battles.
  • Test location “Destroyed Shelter 67”
  • Added enemy “Zombie”
  • Added enemy “Rat-hamster”
  • Added enemy “Mantis”
  • Added enemy “Overgrown Fly”
  • Updated menu for future version 0.3.0
  • Updated character selection screen.
  • Updated Dr. Hill sprite.
  • The approximate time of passage is +~ 10 minutes.
  • Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.


  • Updated the quest “Mother of twins”.
  • The quest of a young teacher has been updated.
  • Updated the scavenger quest on the surface.
  • New shelter map.
  • Updated locations to explore.
  • Updated enemy sprites.
  • Test launch of the “PC hacking” system.
  • Test launch of the “Crafting” system (at the scavengers).
  • Test launch of the “Orders” system (from scavengers).
  • Partial update of old art.
  • Fixed old bugs .
  • Added new bugs.


  • Updating the quest with Luna. (4 art)
  • Updated Bang scene (1 full animation)
  • Added a scene with Libby (1 full animation)
  • Updated scene with Linda
  • Updated the combat system.
  • – Editing a set of battle cards (in test mode).
  • – Added partner cards (in test mode).
  • – Added items used in battles.
  • Updated character sprites on locations.
  • – Cafe.
  • – Shower.
  • – Exit from the shelter.
  • The approximate time of passage is +~ 15 minutes.
  • Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.


  • Added a Bang quest (3 scene).
  • Updated and added locations on the world map.
  • Updated BILM.
  • Updated the impact of BILM on the open world.
  • Added items of equipment (may they forgive me for temporary placeholders from a famous game).
  • Added a mini-game “Fertilization” (several arts).
  • The gallery has been updated.
  • Some minor fixes.

1. I will try to focus on romance and adventure in the game.
2. No, I don’t plan to add mutated girls. (Maybe as a joke or an Easter egg, but no more)
3. In the future, with support, I will try to negotiate with a native speaker to help make a good translation.
4. The blonde from the cover will have the opportunity to meet in one of the following builds.
5. I’m going to stick with the vault lore, but I’ll move the beginning of the story forward indefinitely so I can have some narrative freedom :3
6. No incest!
7. Regarding the pronouns of the character. My character Walker exists in a basic and alternate body. Regardless of the situation, he defines himself as “He”. Please stop making this a matter of debate. Thanks for attention.

* The game does not plan a very complex plot. It is designed for recreation and entertainment.
*I’m not a native English speaker. I apologize for any grammatical mistakes made (both here and in the game). I try to get better at this!^^

__**Main quest:**__
1. Initial character creation.
2. Find Harry.
3. Visit Old Man Gibson.
4. Find out the exam results.
5. Talk to Miss Go.
6. Visit the overseer.
7. Visit the security point.
8. Visit Old Man Gibson.
9. Visit the security point.
10. You don’t have to get dressed, but you can.
11. Use the door console.
12. Try to defeat a terrible opponent.
13. Visit the Shower.
14. Go to sleep in your room.
15. Visit the security point.
16. You don’t have to get dressed, but you can.
17. Try to defeat a terrible opponent.
18. Radroach is invincible so far.
***[End for build 0.1.6_alpha] [End for build 0.1.0_fix]***

1. Ask Susie to train you.
2. Go to work.
3. Sleep after work.
***[End for build 0.1.0_fix]***
4. Ask Susie to train you. Again.
5. Go to training.
***[End for build 0.1.6_alpha]***

1. Take a look around in the cafe.
2. Talk to Becky.
3. Visit the toilet (at night).
4. Go to the toilet stall (at night).
5. Visit the cafe.
6. Sneak into the school (at night).
7. Find the answers to the exam at school (at night).
8. Meet Becky in the toilet (at night).
9. Visit the cafe.
10. Meet Becky in the toilet (at night).
***[End for build 0.1.6_alpha]***

1. Talk to Libi.
2. Visit Libi later.
3. Help Libi with the boxes.
4. Help Libi with the cleaning (at night).
***[End for build 0.1.6_alpha]***


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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