Have sex with a silver-haired loli succubus in a school uniform as she begs for your cum!

Fill this cute loli succubus up inside the school infirmary!

Rilulu (CV: Narumi Aisaka)

A third year student at the Royal Succubus Academy in her world.

As her graduation exam, she must collect semen from humans until the brand on her torso glows.

However, she’s been unable to find a human willing to form a contract with her, and is starting to get desperate.

While she is usually a kind, if clumsy girl, when it comes to sex, she’ll stop at nothing to extract the semen she needs.

She is extremely sensitive, though, and very easy to get the upper hand on.

“Oh, I see, you’re a teacher.”



You are a teacher with a great lust for high school girls. You cannot go after your students, of course, and you’re very busy with work to begin with. Lately you’ve been both stressed and sexually frustrated.

One day, you happen across a grimoire, and upon opening it, Rilulu is summoned.

Rilulu requires human semen to graduate from her succubus high school, but she has yet to find anyone willing to form a contract with her.

And so you decide to give her some very private lessons. A sexually frustrated teacher with a schoolgirl fetish and a schoolgirl succubus who needs semen to graduate – it’s a match made in heaven!

“It’s a crime to go after human schoolgirls… But not a succubus schoolgirl.”


  • Date: 20. November 2023
  • Artist: むむむむ
  • Format: Mp4
  • Genre: Succubus / Incubus, Uniform, Internal Cumshot, Twin Tail, Slender, Tsurupeta,…

Download ロリカワ淫魔と契約してえっちなことする話【アニメ版】:

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