“Studio robbery” game “Saimin App -Nightmare Cuckold Game-” is made into a motion anime! !!

Brainwashing has corrupted both body and mind! ?
A high-flying young lady becomes an obedient who is swooning to a man! !!

Saimei Gakuen, a
model boarding school built on an isolated island in the Inland Sea.

サイミンアプリ-悪夢の寝取られゲーム- 紫藤エマ編 The Motion Anime
サイミンアプリ-悪夢の寝取られゲーム- 紫藤エマ編 The Motion Anime

One day,
the protagonist who attends there receives an email
saying that he has become eligible to participate in the event.

Although it smelled kina,
the student council president performed a strip at the school-wide assembly.
Moreover, an incident occurs in which he does not remember why
he did such a thing.

Since then, incidents by the event app have occurred frequently, and
the protagonist will participate in the worst game to
protect his close heroine


  • Date: 01. September 2023
  • Format: Mp4
  • Genre: Blowjob, big breast, Animation,…

Download サイミンアプリ-悪夢の寝取られゲーム- 紫藤エマ編 The Motion Anime:

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