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MC-kun is just starting his second year of high school, but he’s like, super depressed after breaking up with his supermodel girlfriend.
But then, in a stroke of fate, a fairy godmother appears before him! Apparently, he’s altered his future by breaking up with his girlfriend, and if nothing changes, he’s set to be childless for the rest of his life! Oh no!
An end to the bloodline is a mortal contention for fairy godmothers, and so this lovely, generous, exceedingly self-sacrificing fairy is determined to help MC-kun get laid find love by any means necessary!


Do you know Ninisanni? If not, no problem! This VN can still be thoroughly enjoyed by those who have no interest in vtubers, as it’s entirely self-contained. Be careful though, play too long and you might find yourself falling in love!

☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆ ☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆ ☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆

There are ten routes, with every member of Lazulight, Obsydia, and Ethyria prominently featured. This is a full length visual novel, averaging a 5-7 hour playtime, depending on your reading speed and whether or not you go for the achievements. The more achievements you get, the more CGlike animations and soundtracks you unlock! And the CGs are like, uber cute so you won’t want to miss them!


Please note that this visual novel features off color jokes and sex scenes (about twenty of them). The sex scenes contain no visual nudity, but have implied animation and very… descriptive language.


I welcome all fan mail, hate mail, bug reports, and grammatical corrections! Please let me know all of your thoughts in the comment section, or my personal email ([email protected])!

Ninisanni Scenario v10 Android Port

Ninisanni Scenario DETAILS

  • – RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-08
  • – DEVELOPER: dullachan
  • – TRANSLATOR: None
  • – VERSION: v1.0
  • – LANGUAGE: English
  • – OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
  • – GENRE: monster girl, romance,vaginal sex, male protagonist, dating sim, school setting, creampie, humor, groping, oral sex, incest, multiple endings, pov, parody, spanking, titfuck, handjob, transformation, censored, virgin
Ninisanni Scenario v10 Android Port
Ninisanni Scenario v10 Android Port

Ninisanni Scenario FREE DOWNLOAD


Initial Release


Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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